Ghost Train

In our 2015 Annual Review we mentioned working on a ride for Thorpe Park. At the time it was highly confidential, but now the ride has opened to the public – and it looks fantastic!

[Spoilers!!! Don’t read this if you’re planning to go on the ride].

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train is promoted as a multi-sensory experience, incorporating virtual reality, motion simulation and illusions. The overall setting is a Victorian train depot, however once guests pass through the doors of a mocked-up Victorian carriage they find themselves inside a London Underground train. Guests put on HTC Vive headsets, and a virtual reality experience begins – simultaneously with motion of the carriage and other sensory effects.

Castle View Design worked with transport engineering specialists Severn Lamb on the mechanical design of the carriages. These were loosely based upon the design of the 1995 Northern Line tube stock, and it was important to make them look as authentic as possible for the guest’s perception of really being on the underground.

Design elements included steel fabrications, GRP mouldings for doorway and window surrounds, and aluminium sheet metal work for other interior panelling. A full SolidWorks assembly model also incorporated third party equipment including lighting, door mechanisms, and electrical equipment relating to the ride’s special effects.

The finished product looks excellent – all credit to Severn Lamb, Simworx and Merlin Entertainment. Here’s a YouTube video showing the ride…

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