ConfidentialityConfidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Castle View Design has experience of working on highly sensitive projects, in particular for the defence, aerospace, automotive and pharmaceutical sectors.

Castle View Design will not make use of, divulge or communicate to any person any of the trade secrets or other confidential information belonging to the client which we may receive in the course of an assignment. This restriction shall continue to apply after the completion of the assignment unless the information comes into the public domain.

We enter into clients’ non-disclosure agreements freely and without hesitation. Simply put, we know how important commercial confidentiality is to your business. And if you don’t already have an NDA procedure in place at your company, we provide a downloadable sample NDA agreement below:

CVD NDA (Right-click, save-file-as).

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Unless agreed otherwise, we will waive all author’s rights and this provision shall survive the end of an assignment. All IPR and copyright is the ownership of the client. This includes all generated CAD data, design documentation and calculations.

Images on this website

Unless stated otherwise, none of the images on this website belong to past or present clients of Castle View Design.

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