360 Degree Interactive Product Views

What better way to showcase your product than to let your customers interact with a 3D model on your website. Castle View Design can create this kind of interactive image… (Click and drag on the droids to rotate).

(Just a little bit of topical fun there!)

What the process involves:
– Creating a 3D solid model of your product.
– Setting up a rendering scene of the model. This includes applying material appearances and lights so that your product appears photorealistic.
– Performing a series of renderings so that a 360 view of the model is created. (In the example above, 36 images were created which took around 3 hours computer processing time).
– Assistance with implementation of these images with a plugin on your website, creating the finished interactive image.

What do we need?
If you’ve already got CAD models of your product, we can jump straight into the photo-rendering process. We’ll then work with your web developer to implement the site content. But if you haven’t got CAD models already, we can create models from existing drawings, from measuring an actual product, from 3D scanning data, or from hand sketches and descriptions. If you do have existing CAD drawings which are 2d, we can open and work with AutoCAD files to create accurate 3D models in SolidWorks using the precise geometry.

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